Saturday, August 16, 2014

Moving by Margot Justes

I thought I’d mention a few things about my move. Let me state up front, it is hard work, and seems never ending.

How on earth could I possibly have accumulated so much stuff.  It’s like Pandora’s Box, or Mary Poppins’ bag; the stuff just keeps appearing like a magic trick-seemingly out of nowhere. Boxes and boxes, covered in dust have been stored and never looked at for twenty eight years. No wonder people think twice about moving-it’s all the stuff we accumulate over the years that we can’t do without but never use.

Once the process is started, it has a deep cleansing effect-there will be fewer things to worry about, keep clean, fewer things to clutter my life.  

I’m keeping things that are significant to my family, the art pieces I have collected over decades, and frankly miss seeing because they are all packed; I have grown attached to them.

Boxes and bags have been donated to Goodwill, and sad to say many books went the same way...and still more to come.

The books were the hardest to part with, but I’m downsizing-a lot- and there won’t be much room to spread out. I went through all the books, some I have read decades ago, some were in French and I’d have a hard time reading them in English now, much less in French. Some were really old friends, well worn and loved-those I kept. It’s hard to say goodbye.

The one thing I soon realized is that you can’t save too many things to do for tomorrow, because all too soon you run out of time. It’s Thursday, and the PODS people will be here Saturday to load the them. There is still so much to do.

Using PODS seemed the most effective way to move, because the goods need to be stored until I find a permanent place to live. No packing, unpacking-the filled PODS will simply be stored until ready to ship. Rather efficient, and there is less chance of things being lost. It’s also less expensive going the POD route, at least in this instance.

Two PODS had been ordered, and when the order was placed, the company just asked how big the driveway was, and everything seemed sorted out. The end of this adventure was near. Not so fast...there is always a wrinkle-the best laid plans...

One POD arrived this morning, and the delivery man said he can’t put two PODS on the driveway-there is not enough room. The second POD was on the way, and there was no place to put it. Immediate panic ensued.

Neighbor and excellent friend came to the rescue, one phone call  and he agreed that one POD could be set on his driveway. The company was called and told where to set the POD. The wait was on for the second one. All was good.

POD arrived a few hours later, and the driver informed me that he needed a signed authorization from the owner before he could set the POD down. There is a slight glitch in this newest plan, friend is at work and could not be reached. It seemed like a comedy of errors minus the comedy.

After a bit of discussion, there is now a POD in each driveway. I’m ready for the next step, finish the never ending packing and wait for everything to be stored.

It is a rather exciting process, new adventures await me, but I’m also saying au revoir (loosely translated-see you later) so much better than saying goodbye.

I certainly am keeping in touch with them, and plan on visiting, and there will always be a spare bedroom wherever I wind up.

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