Saturday, June 8, 2013

Retirement by Margot Justes

I retired yesterday, and for the first time in twenty nine years, I feel a sense of freedom and elation.
Today, I went to breakfast, and to an outdoor art fair, played in the garden, and generally relaxed.

There was no pressure to write, no pressure to get my errands done, and then write, no pressure to make sure everything was done before Monday, and the beginning of the work week.

There was no pressure whatsoever. No agenda, just pure freedom. It is indeed a strange and marvelous feeling. I wanted to enjoy it. The demand of the writing world will intrude, but I welcome that intrusion. I welcome the characters telling me where they want to go. I welcome that creative world with open arms. I'm ready to be a full time writer.

The desire to sit in my office and pound on the keyboard is there, now more than ever, but it is at my leisure, and most assuredly at my pleasure. The time is mine, let's see what I do with it.

I welcome the change and challenge.


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