Thursday, April 25, 2013

My "due date" has come and gone. But I'm still waiting! by DL Larson

Yesterday my book was supposed to be available.  I didn't have time to check my email until mid-afternoon and immediately saw three messages from my publisher.  I hoped it was a press release I could pass on to folks, maybe a notice my e-books were now set up on  But no, it was none of those.

It was a second pass through to check the few corrections that were needed from the first pass through.  Ugh!  Disappointment oozed as I verified that yes, the mistakes had been corrected.  I agreed my book was ready to go to press.

The second message was a bill.  It was small, but I am expected to pay for the corrections in order to proceed with the book making.  These mistakes were spacial, not typos.  A line had dropped down in a few places when it shouldn't have.  I don't feel that these were my mistakes, but if I want things to proceed, then I pay the bill of $31.00.  I paid. 

The third message was to tell me I had messages from my publisher!  That, at least made me smile.  They are a good company and want my book to be a professional product.  Their reputation is on the line with each published book. 

As much as I want my book to be released in April in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month, I have no control over what will happen next.  I'm waiting for the next "due date" to be shared with me.  Until then,
I wait and wonder.

It reminds me of waiting for my babies to be born.  My other book releases gave me the same feelings of expectation.  My book won't be rushed.  And so I wait.

Til next time ~

DL Larson


Anonymous said...

Hang in there...even though the "baby" is late, there's no doubt she will be born. The more I get to know about the industry, the more I understand it's a beautifully challenging game of hurry up and wait!

Hopefully they can induce delivery soon!! :)

Mary Jo Burke said...

Babies keep their own schedule. Books should be easier to plan. Hope yours is delivered soon.

Morgan Mandel said...

That's a shame your book won't be out on time. Look on the bright side, though. It could be a blessing. There may be more books on the subject in April and yours will get more play later. Good luck!

Morgan Mandel

Debra St. John said...


The waiting game is murder on authors, isn't it?

I hope everything works out soon...and you still have a few days left in April!

Deb Larson said...

Thanks everyone!! My second daughter was 1 month late - thought she would never arrive! I will endeavor to be patient!
Thanks for stopping by and holding my hand!! :)