Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cruising the Caribbean by Margot Justes

The next two days were spent at sea, time to relax and do nothing, or immerse oneself in scheduled activities. Every evening a ‘compass’ is left on the bed outlining tomorrow’s agenda. It is always full. I love to walk, read and swim, and let’s not forget the non-stop meals, and snacks-hence the swimming and walking.

The day starts with coffee and the blog, and of course food. Breakfast was eaten in the dining room, less hectic and far more relaxing than the buffet at the Windjammer Café.

Spent the late morning in the solraium pool, floating in the ocean water-along with the salt, we got the waves too; pure heaven, warm and soothing.

Checked out the library, but didn’t stay long, along with the books, it was filled with cigar smoke. They do cigar tastings in the evenings, and the scent lingers long into the next day. There is shopping, stopped in the stores, and tasted a South African Amarula liqueur, made with marula fruit. It was delicious, brought home a bottle.

Before dinner, I stopped for an espresso and a snack, after all I did walk, and swim.  Tonight will be the first of two formal nights. I pack a dressy pair of black pants and a couple of sparkly tops, and I have black sandals that my granddaughter tells me are shiny. It works. I don’t lug many suitcases when I travel, one small expandable suitcase and a carry on, plus a large purse. It was nice to see everyone dress up, and I’ve come to the conclusion that most men look good in a tuxedo.

I’m not really a meat eater, but ordered beef tenderloin, only because potatoes were on the menu. I’m Polish and love my potatoes, later I was told I could have potatoes every day. The dinners were exceptional, Royal Caribbean improved the quality of their food, and with feeding so many people, that is quite a feat.

Sorbet was a refreshing end to a delicious meal. I happen to like it, and I already consumed a yummy sweet with the espresso earlier in the day; a double chocolate espresso brownie. A decadent slice of heaven.

After dinner, I checked my e-mail and walked a bit on deck, the full moon shone on the water and reflected a soothing glow in the deep, almost pitch black sea. I love that time of day, I was alone on deck, and found the tranquility soothing. Sometimes you can see another cruise ship, or cargo ship in the distance.

You get into a routine of being pampered, and reality is far removed from everyday life. That is what vacation is all about, an escape, a glimpse of another life. Our first port of call is St. Kitts.  

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Morgan Mandel said...

Yes, the pampered life is addictive. Sounds like a wonderful cruise!

Morgan Mandel

Deb Larson said...

Have fun, Margot! I remember the fun towel animals - always made me smile@ :)
Relax and enjoy ~
DL Larson