Monday, February 20, 2012

All that Talk....

One thing I've noticed about book promotion. There's a lot of talking going on.

New book. Buy. See. Sign up, etc.

Everywhere you turn - Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs... it's authors-- promoting to others, yes, but doesn't it seem sometimes like you are promoting to other authors, or talking to yourself?

Authors with backlists have endless promos, some good, some funny, some just never-ending.

Sometimes you stop simply since you feel like you're talking too much. You know, me, me, me.

So, what do you find to be the best promos?

What promos do you like - and admit it, hate?

What turns you off as a reader, or author?

Yes, you can talk. Please speak your mind!


Morgan Mandel said...

We walk a thin line. I've heard don't obviously promote your book, yet I've also found out that when I put the link on my Facebook page or Twitter, I sometimes get takers.

Not a good idea to do it zillions of times a day, but I think one link to one of my books a day is a nice balance. Even better if other people also do it.

Morgan Mandel said...

Great post

Quilters' Quarters said...

I read somewhere that it is better to promote others' books, provide reviews that encourage readers to buy, and in that way build up recognition for your own name.

I find it easy to do that through Facebook contacts ... I like reading. and reviewing is second nature to a retired teacher. Reviewing is so much easier ... I'm choosing what I want to review, I choose what reviews I want to share because they are good, and weaker reviews with recommended improvements are much more graciously received by authors than graded essays ever were!

I have seen a modest increase in sales this month, which would lead me to believe that this is a viable method of promoting both other authors and my own name.

But I worry that we may be a closed loop ... writers supporting writers ... and missing the wider audience.

I'm not sure how to improve that, as I've found my wider audience (family and friends) are not picking up on the fact that I want them to buy these books.


Margot Justes said...

I feel uncomfortable promoting my books, but have done so on Twitter & and FB. Terry, your advice is good about reviewing other authors. I think word of mouth is important, crucial. And I agree Morgan, it is a fine line...still a learning process.
Margot Justes

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