Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Two Wrongs Now on Kindle and Smashwords -- 99 Cents

I'm happy to report my first published mystery, Two Wrongs, has now been re-released on Kindle and Smashwords at the very reasonable 99 cent price.

For those looking for Christmas references, the climactic scene takes place in the Christmas Season at Marshall Field's in Chicago, in the days when it was still called Marshall Field's and not Macy's. Mentioned are the Walnut Room, ice cream snowmen, and the ever popular Frango mints.

Many Chicago area landmarks are included, such as Chase Park, Senn High School, DePaul University, St. Vincent DePaul Church and Our Lady of Lourdes Church.

An innocent girl is slain. Her brother knows who did it—or does he?

Kevin loses his cool when Mary Alice turns him down for the senior prom. Her brother, Danny, hears them arguing. Later that night Mary Alice lies dead in the alley. Danny is furious and determined to make Kevin pay for his crime, but did he do it?

Prison can transform the most innocent human being into a killer, and Kevin is no exception.


February 12, 1996 – Back when Marshall Field’s wasn’t Macy’s and texting wasn’t popular.

“WHAT’S GOING ON down there?”

Danny Callaway heard the question, but couldn’t answer. His brain froze in the cold February air as he stared at the broken rag doll that had once been his sister, Mary Alice.

In his sixteen years he’d never witnessed death first-hand. Until now.

Mary Alice’s still form lay sprawled against the alley’s cement. Her head stuck out at a crazy angle like the girl in the Exorcist movie.

Hoping against hope, he checked for a pulse at her neck. Nothing. He tried her wrist, but got the same result.

His mind was all jumbled. All he could think of were stupid things, like how he’d heard guys call Mary Alice a prude because she closed the top buttons on her blouse and never wore mini-skirts.

She’d sure be embarrassed not to have anything on at all. Someone had to cover her up and make her look presentable. Maybe Mom could help.

But how could he tell her? A sob tore through his throat. He clamped his mouth shut to keep the bile from rushing out.

Through the shock and pain, one thing remained clear. Kevin would pay for this.

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Two Wrongs - 99 cents on
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