Thursday, September 1, 2011

Going Out Of Business! by DL Larson

I'm sure most have heard Borders Bookstores are closing. I've mixed feelings on seeing the stores empty their shelves of books, games and magazines. I get a fluttering in my stomach each time I return to the store and see less than I did before. My first trip I was disappointed because most items were discounted only ten percent. Now the cut it up to seventy perecent. Great bargains for sure, but the emptiness is vast and certain the days of purchasing are limited.

No one knows how this closing will impact writers. It may be only a ripple of discontent that another store is closed and book signings will be fewer than before. It certainly means one less chance for selling or promoting our work in a local mall or town. Other avenues will have to be found to sell a book.

I know many will say books can be purchased on and other internet avenues, and as a librarian, I purchase on-line a great deal. BUT I'm old school, and love browsing through the stacks of new books. It doesn't much matter what isle I stroll through, I enjoy looking. I enjoy the feel of the books. I enjoy the weight of them, flipping through the pages, seeing firsthand if I like the print or weight of the paper, the binding and spine. Guess I like touching, deciding for myself if I want hardcover or paperback.

My wallet will hold one less discount card, guess I should be happy about that. I will no longer need to spend my money to be a member of their book club. I won't receive any more flyers or notices via my email of upcoming events. I'll not be privy to upcoming local sales. Another empty building will set along the road to remind all of us that life is not always easy, let alone fair.

Yet in the midst of this downsizing and going out of business, the writing world struggles on, trying to recoup its former glory. Agents and publishers keep looking for the intriguing story, the thriller that will make national news. Money will be made and life will continue on, much as before, despite the loss.

Til next time ~

DL Larson


Anonymous said...

I agree with you as for the store closing.. all because most people have the E Readers. I am still old fashioned, I want to FEEL the book in my hands. Like to read the back cover to see what the book is about, read a couple pages to see if it's something that I'll enjoy. I know you can do that online.. but I still like to see/feel the book. So for now, I won't be one of the people that own an E Reader.

Deb Larson said...

It's hard to give that up! I stopped at Borders today - bought 4 good sized book for $22.00. Usually one will cost that much.
Thanks for stopping by today ~
DL Larson

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree. Nothing beats a bookstore. Where I live Borders and another national bookstore vanished even though they had customers. However the independent bookstore in this provincial city has survived and succeeded in continuing. We live in strange times. However Borders on-line continues and when specials come up I order some books. Still the real wins hands down.

Bob Sanchez said...

For shopping and browsing, yes, a saunter through a bookstore is a good experience. Yet from a writer's point of view--and you know how important pov is to us--the migration to ebooks may not be a bad thing. Based on my own experience, book signings are overrated. They take effort to set up and take up a gook chunk of your day with uncertain results. I'm still puzzling out the best way to sell online, but at least I can market every day for little or no cost. Still, I find it sad when any retailer goes out of business.

Deb Larson said...

Guess that's how I feel too - sad another retailer closed their doors.
Thanks all for sharing your thoughts
DL Larson said...

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