Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Do you have a Christmas story coming out? by Morgan Mandel

Believe it or not, November is almost gone. Many stores have Christmas decorations up in the hopes of making holiday  sales.

Also, many authors have been preparing for Christmas as well with short stories and books ready to be read.

I don't have anything Christmasy in the works, unless I can think up a short story very soon.

What about you? Do you have a Christmas novel or short story coming out soon, or maybe one that's already been published? If so, please leave the title, link and description in the comment section here so readers can add it to their shopping list.

Or, maybe you know of a good one by someone else. Let us know, please.


Victoria Blisse said...

I love Christmas and so write about it alot. If you want to find out what vampires do at christmas, check out Stopping Point from Total-E-Bound:

And here's a sweet, sexy romance where Father Christmas himself plays cupid!

A brand new Victoria Blisse story, Snowed in at School will be available on the 22nd of December from Silver Publishing. It'd be the perfect thing to snuggle up with on Christmas Eve once the parcels are wrapped!

Enjoy! :)

G.G. Royale said...

Hey! I have a hot interracial erotic romance that takes place around Christmas coming out 14 December at Loose Id. It's set the first December after Hurricane Katrina in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans.

I'm donating 20 percent of my own royalties from the sale of this book to Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding Together.

G.G. Royale said...

Oh! I forgot the link:

Sherry Derr-Wille said...

My California writing buddies and I have our newest anthology coming out, An Aspen Grove Christmas. It will be released on December 1, from Whiskey Creek Press. We invite all of you to enjoy the magic of our little town and find out about Christmas Love in Aspen Grove, Colorado.

Unknown said...

Hi, Morgan-Victory Tales Press has several anothologies out. This is the link and description to the SENSUAL edition:

A Christmas Collection Anthology: Sensual
Published by Victory Tales Press
eBook - $3.99
Paperback - $9.99

Buying links: com/Christmas- Collection. ../dp/145630437 view/29147

Four sweet to sensual stories to add romance to your holidays. Written by four multi-published authors who enjoy telling tales.
Scarlet Ribbons by Cheryl Pierson
The Proposal by Diane Craver
My Life and Times with Nickolopolus Christog Cringelenstien Clausener by Charlotte Raby Angel and the Cowboy by Celia Yeary.

If the link doesn't work here, just go to Amazon: The Christmas Collection-Sensual Edition.

Enjoy! Celia

selene said...

I love Christmas stories and I have one out at Breathless Press:

Cindy K. Green said...

All I Want for Christmas is my sweet Christmas novella with Champagne Books. Just reduced too.

Best Friends or True Love? Only Santa Knows.

Kathryn Graham hates Christmas. She hates the snow, the decorations, the whole nine yards. Nick Pringle on the other hand can’t get enough of the season. He may be her best friend and fellow writer at Redburn Weekly Magazine, but sometimes his exuberance gets on her very last nerve. Now they’ve been assigned to cover the orphan toy drive story. It’s just a puff piece not the serious journalism Kathryn hopes for, but maybe—as Nick says—there are no old stories just new angles.

Nick Pringle has been in love with Kathryn practically since the day they met. When he realizes that she’s lost her Christmas spirit, he figures he’s just the guy to help her find it again. He enacts a plan to send her anonymous gifts from Secret Santa, but will any of this really make a difference in her? Will she ever see him as anything more than her smart-aleck partner even after their passionate kisses? Then again maybe he’ll get what he wants for Christmas after all.
You can read an excerpt at that link too.

Thanks Morgan! Merry Christmas All!

Lorna Collins - Author said...

Our new Christmas anthology, "An Aspen Grove Christmas" is scheduled for December 1 publication by Whiskey Creek Press. It is a collection of five romantic novellas by Lorna Collins, Sherry Derr-Wille, Christie Shary, Luanna Rugh, and introducing Cheryl Gardarian. A perfect holiday read, and a great gift for the reader in your life. contact us at to order signed/dedicated copies.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Hi, Morgan. I have two electronic Christmas stories out already and one more releasing on Dec. 8th.

THE PRICELESS GIFT: Little do Christina and Gavin know, Santa's elf has more than coal up his sleeve. Ho ho ho and a badgering we'll go before reindeer two-step on their rooftop and deliver THE PRICELESS GIFT that will leave their snowy days sizzling.

A COWBOY'S DREAM: Pro ball player Marcus Slade wants to run the bases with author Leah Smith, but will his past pitch him a strike out instead of a home run?

And coming December 8th:
A GIFT BEYOND ALL MEASURE: Struggling between the promise of the present and the hurts of the past, can Jacob and Tessa overcome their pain long enough to discover a gift beyond all measure?

Also, to celebrate the release of my new story, I'm offering a FREE cookbook, available December 8-31st on my website. You'll be able to download a free pdf copy of A GIFT BEYOND ALL MEASURE COOKBOOK at The cookbook offers 27 mouth-watering recipes.

Thanks for the opportunity to promote my stories!

Unknown said...

I had the good fortune to review Anna K Lanier's "A Gift Beyond All Measure," and I'm here to tell you that you shouldn't pass this one up. Here's the link to the review if you'd like to see it:

I have a Christmas story available at Eternal Press, Virginia's Miracle. I wrote it a few years ago for my mother.

Also, on my blog starting December 3rd, I'm sharing a Christmas story in three parts that was published this time last year in New Love Stories Magazine. Hope you'll come by "

Thanks, Morgan for a chance to post about my stuff and to endorse a really good Christmas tale by Anna K.

Bobbye Terry said...

I have a novel, It's Magic, Daryn Cross & LJ DeLeon, just released through Crescent Moon Press. The book ends at Christmas, by the way. It's availabe now at Amazon:

Santa, using his real name matches one couple each year, two people who have given up on finding everlasting love. This year's lovers are Kasey Bell, feminist writer, and Guy NcLane, every man's favorite radio psychiatrist.

Can true love exist between a man who believes a woman is capable of sticking a shive in his heart while making love and a woman who is convinced men think with only one head? Maxwell Magic, an eccentric mysterious matchmaker swears it can and he’s the man to provide the stimulus to make it happen. Kasey Bell, feminist writer, and Guy McLane, radio’s famous chauvinistic psychiatrist, are his targets. Even with carefully executed plans, the road to true love is strewn with mishaps, mirth and money-hungry nighttime talk show hosts. Will Kasey and Guy risk their reputations by exposing secrets buried beneath layers of shame and self-doubt for a desperately needed big money pay-off? Or, will they claim what has evaded them their entire lives—a love that lasts forever?

Bobbye Terry w/a Daryn Cross

Debra St. John said...

I'm actually working on a Christmas story right now which hopefully I can get done in time to submit for the deadline for 2011holiday stories.

I do have a Christmas free read at The Wild Rose Press called "Mistletoe and Folly":

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading everyone!

Jackie said...

Here's a fun one by a Reno writer, G.Z. Sutton: “Santa Dog: The Incredible Adventures of Santa and Denby: Book One” (the first e-book in a series), explores trust, loyalty, the importance of family, and one very unethical businessman who gets his comeuppance at the hands of Santa Claus and a somewhat confused wizard.

Michael Allan Mallory said...

My story "Breakfast with Tiffany" recently came out in the holiday anthology "Why Did Santa Leave A Body? Yuletide Tales of Murder and Mayhem" published by North Star Press. The story is about a cheating husband who's hoisted on his own petard, so to speak. The book is availabe on Amazon---

Vicki Delany said...

Winter of Secrets by Vicki Delany. From Poisoned Pen Press. Hardcover, paperback, audio and most electronic formats.

It’s Christmas Eve and the snowstorm of the decade has settled over the peaceful mountain town of Trafalgar, B.C. Constables Smith and Evans have a busy shift, attending fender-benders, tumbling pedestrians, and Christmas tree fires. At the stroke of midnight, they arrive at the scene of a car accident: a vehicle has gone off the snowy road into the icy river. An accident, agree police, coroner, medics. But when the autopsy reveals a shocking secret, Constable Molly Smith and Sergeant John Winters are plunged into the world of sexual predators, recreational drugs, privilege, and high-living.

Ann Herrick said...

I have two Christmas stories out.

Holiday Helping Hands: A touching Christmas story of holding onto love across the miles.


Roadside Angel: Sometimes love and faith is all you need in a desperate situation.

Amber Polo said...

My short novella, Christmas on Wherever Island came out with
The Wild Rose Press. A Paranormal Contemporary

A Magic Santa brings Caribbean Christmas Joy - Marti Bell is facing the prospect of a very unmerry Christmas. Reluctantly, leaving her married lover she travels toward ice, snow, and judgmental family until a magic Santa sends her to a surprise destination in the warm waters of the Caribbean.

Wherever Island would be a winter paradise except the only place to stay is the beachside cottage of romantic globetrotting photographer Cliff Holmes. Cliff wants to unwind and treat Marti to a little romantic Caribbean Christmas fun but she’s determined to stay in the warm ocean and out of hot water.
And for the nook!

johnny dangerous said...

My forthcoming thriller VIPER is set in the time between All Souls Day in November to Christmas, with the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (12/12), an important Mexican holiday, figuring in the story. Here's a summary:
Haunted by the loss of her brother to drugs and a botched raid that ended her career with the DEA, insurance agent Selena De La Cruz hoped to start afresh in rural Illinois. But her gung-ho former boss needs her back to hunt “The Snake,” a dealer she helped arrest who is out of prison and systematically killing anyone who ever crossed him. His ‘hit list’, appended to a Catholic Church’s All Souls Day ‘Book of the Deceased,’ shows Selena’s name last. Working against time, small town prejudice and the suspicions of her own Latino community, Selena races to find The Snake before he reaches her name while a girl visionary claims a “Blue Lady” announces each killing in turn. Is it Our Lady of Guadalupe as many in the Mexican community believe, or is it, as others believe, the Aztec goddess of Death?
VIPER (Sophia Institute Press, ISBN 978-1-933184-80-7, 256 pp., $14.95) will be available March 25, 2011 at Amazon and bookstores.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

My latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery is set during Christmas--but a murder keeps her from doing all the Christmas planning.

It's called Invisible Path and is on Kindle and is a tradepaperback.


Anne White said...

Finally - my 5th Lake George Mystery, COLD WINTER NIGHTS, is in season, (It came out earlier than I expected and was a little out of sync during our really hot summer). But now I hope people want to read about holiday activities, a New Year's Day Polar Bear Plunge into a bitter cold lake (yes, almost 1000 people really do that here in upstate NY) a ski trip to fabulous Gore Mt and a Mardi Gras type Carnivale on the Ice complete with a masked murderer. Anne White Opens to Cold Winter Nights

Kaye George said...

Dark Valentine ( (dark literary fiction) is doing a Twelve Days of Christmas series starting December 24th and ending with Twelve Drummers Drumming on January 5th by yours truly! Each verse of the song is by a different author.

-Kaye George

Elaine Viets said...

Nothing like Christmas to get you in the mood for murder. Check out my Christmas mystery, "Murder with All the Trimmings." In this Josie Marcus Mystery Shopper novel, and Josie mystery shops three "Christmas All Year Round" stores and discovers pornaments.
You can read a sample chapter at

Cherri Galbiati said...

Thank you for inviting us to share!
My story-"HALO AND HOLLY" is now available on Kindle for .99 cents. It's a sweet, sweet Canine Christmas short story for dog lovers everywhere!

Cherri Galbiati

Betty Gordon said...

Morgan, thanks for this opportunity to share.

I have a mini-ebook just released: -

"The Magic of Christmas" with links to Fictionwise, All Romance E-books, and AMAZON.
A unique collection of short stories (5)that explore various genres.
Enjoy the magic of the holiday season.

Betty Gordon

Kristine Kathryn Rusch said...

I will post free Christmas stories every Monday until the holiday. Today's is up:

Thanks for putting up this list. I love Christmas stories and am now about to go look at some of the others.

Cindy said...

My novel, The Chocolatier's Wife, is a fantasy-murder mystery that, while I was writing, I envisioned a Regency-themed Christmas, but since it was a fantasy novel I changed some things to make it feel like another world. What that created a was a novel that has a wonderful Holiday feel to it, so that it is accessible to everyone...but it's also a romantic murder mystery that everyone who has reviewed it seems to have genuinely enjoyed.

Here's an excerpt:

And here's a link with the jacket description:

Anonymous said...

Book View Café has a listing of their holiday offerings here:

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

I've been working on getting my published holiday/winter stories online this season, and here's what I have so far:

Frozen: Becca wants to get a tree on December first, but Ann is still mourning the death of her partner and isn’t sure she’ll still be around come Christmas. Their snow-meltingly erotic encounter in the woods teaches her how to trust and love again.


The Queen of Christmas: Shelly is the Queen of Christmas—her decorations, cookies, and Nativity scene (complete with life-sized camels) would make Martha Stewart weep with envy. But then Brad moves in across the street and sets up his house with a display that puts the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Wizards in Winter” video to shame. Shelly won’t stand for the competition. But she might find herself draped over his lap…


Peppermint Stick: A sizzling-hot kinky tale of control and obedience, wrapped up for Christmas with a peppermint candy cane.