Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update on My Writing Challenge by DL Larson

On the top shelf of my desk I have a paper with the following on it:
The Challenge:
To complete my sci-fi WIP, Renzo the Reliant,by May 20, 2011.
My reward: chocky dessert from whatever restaurant I choose.
AND a boat ride with my hubby!
Dated: May 20, 2010
signed: DL Larson

I feel a bit stressed realizing five months are gone and I'm just approaching the finish of Part One. My book has become more than I thought it would and I consider that a good thing. But if I want to accomplish my challenge, I need to step up the pace. I have some really good reasons to be behind schedule, but I knew life might throw me a curve ball or two along the way, so I won't ponder on if onlys and instead, I will forge ahead. Maybe it's time for you to assess your WIP too.

I have 21 chapters written and 15 of those are typed. Editing has taken considerable time, filling in and rounding out scenes. I like to edit as I go, it's a way for me to keep a good feel of where I've been in order to know where I'm heading with the story.

I'm closing in on finishing Part One, called Unstable Beginnings. It will end in a cliffhanger. Part Two is a hazy, fuzzy future with a few distinct lines through the fog to reach the conclusion. My characters are evolving nicely with plenty of obstacles and hardships to force them to evaluate their lifestyle and wonder about priorities in life. There's a good balance of fun vs. distress. I simply need to keep vigilent with pen in hand and butt in the chair! In other words, I need to stay the course and keep writing!

I've seven months to go. It feels a bit like being pregnant. I'm not really uncomfortable yet, but feeling the weight of my challenge. I've never put such pressure on myself before to finish by a certain date. It'll be interesting to see how I cope as time closes in.

How is your work in progress? Have you put a challenge to yourself before? Share with us!

Til next time ~

DL Larson

PS: For those wondering about last week's post ~ My grandson, Colton, is doing great. He's still in the nicu, working on the suck, swallow and breathe technique, and making great progress. One of the nurses who neglected her duties no longer works at the hospital, and the other has been reprimanded with the incident documented into her personnel file. It will follow her around for some time. I hope and pray she learns from her mistake.

Thank you for all your thoughts and words of concern. It meant a lot to me!


Unknown said...

I've set a challenge to myself to write 50K words next month. No, I'm not participating formally in NaNoWriMo because I've got a work in progress, and I don't want to start a fresh project in November. But pushing myself to write 50K words will probably get me to finish that book, and maybe get a bit done on another.

Morgan Mandel said...

I'm glad your grandson is doing okay, DL.

I'm determined to finish one or two of my WIPs in the next few months. I have two many irons on the fire and need to get some of them off there.

Morgan Mandel

Deb Larson said...

I agree, Morgan, I have too many irons going too - I just don't want to rush my writing and then regret it later, but I am determined to stay close to my deadline.

Juli, what a great goal! I hope you finish your 50k words next month! We'll be rooting for you. Let us know how it goes.
DL Larson

Debra St. John said...

Hi DL, Thanks for the update on Colton. I'll keep him and his family in my prayers.

Great goal...and great reward for the end. When I set goals, I usually set short term ones, but the idea of setting something long term is very intriguing. I just might try it! I have a book I'd like to finish by summer...

Deb Larson said...

Go for it, Deb. I've never had a specific long term goal, either. It's daunting and intriguing at the same time.
DL Larson