Thursday, October 7, 2010

Unexpected Delight! by DL Larson

I enjoy talking as an author to any crowd that will listen, but I encountered an unexpected delight this week. I'd been asked by a woman's group in a neighboring town to give a talk. I agreed and the date was set. As a matter of fact the date was set so far in advance, when I received a call the last week of September, I admitted to not turning my October calendar over yet to see what was on my docket. The feeble voice on the other end of the phone sounded a bit disappointed that I didn't immediately remember my promise to attend their meeting and deliver my talk.

I tried to bow out of the luncheon, mostly as a time factor, but again the feeble voice urged me to share a meal with them and so I succumbed, telling her I needed to leave no later than 2:30 because I had a chess class to teach after school back in my home town.

The directions were easy enough and I drove to the new senior residence where the luncheon and program were to be held. Now, I've learned a few things since becoming a published author, the first, not to be disappointed at not making a sale and to enjoy the networking no matter the audience. Spreading my name is every bit as important as selling a book. So, knowing my audience consisted entirely of retired women, I knew they would be attentive and gracious, but I didn't expect much more.

The luncheon was nice, I felt rather like a teenager sitting among numerous grannies, answering the same question a dozen times. But we bonded and that is always a good thing. From there we moved upstairs to the social rooms and I presented my version of what a writer does to accomplish her goal to become a published author.

As they began eating their dessert, I packed away my belongings, glad all had gone well. The chairman thanked me and everyone clapped; I smiled and thanked them for inviting me. Then the spokeslady asked if I had books to sell. When I nodded and said, "of course," pocketbooks started snapping open. They abandoned their desserts in order to buy a book or two. I heard, "what a delight," "what a joy to meet you," and I thanked all for their interest and for their sale.

What an unexpected surprise. I had unfairly tucked them into a non-buying type of audience. What a joy, what a delight to be wrong!

Til next time ~

DL Larson


Morgan Mandel said...

That kind of thing is what we authors feed on!
Good going, DL.
You must have given a great program for them to respond so favorably!
Morgan Mandel

Gina said...

DL, you sell yourself way too short! Wasn't surprised that you sold books. Remember, Ger wasn't a reader, AT ALL! til he read your books and now look at him! He'd rather read than watch TV, and all because of you and your books! Bravo girl!

Debra St. John said...

Sounds like quite the successful day. Isn't it nice when something turns out to be such a pleasant surprise?

Deb Larson said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by. And yes, it's always fun to be surprised by folks spending money on my books!