Saturday, August 14, 2010

Venice by Margot Justes

This blog, hopefully will be a visual delight. I have been so consumed with my vampire novel, that I have neglected my third and final novel in the hotel series. I needed inspiration and the photos of Venice became my muse, and of course I thought I'd share some with you.
Till next time,
Margot Justes
A Hotel in Paris


Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

No doubt why these are inspiration.

Margot Justes said...

They took me back to Venice, and I remembered why I set the third book there.

Morgan Mandel said...

Thanks, Margot.
I don't think I'll ever get the opportunity to go to Venice, so it's nice seeing what it looks like.

Morgan Mandel

Margot Justes said...

I could share more, I have over 500 photos, with a digital camera it is very easy to keep shooting, and Venice is amazing.

Margot Justes

Deb Larson said...

Great pics, Margot! My daughter went to Venice last winter and she loved it. I would love to travel there someday!
DL Larson

Margot Justes said...

Venice is unbelievable and one of the places that beckons back.
Margot Justes