Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Inadvertent Publicity by Morgan Mandel

I subscribe to Google Alerts. On Tuesday, a funny one came up which I just have to share.

I've got a number of videos on Youtube.com under the search name of morganmandel, many of which feature my dog, Rascal. Others are about authors.

Anyway, on Tuesday in my Google Alert was a link to an article about the country group, Rascal Flatts doing a 10th anniversary tour. Alongside the article happened to be a number of links to videos. Believe it or not, the second one happens to be about my dog! It's Rascal Attends Bentley's 1st Anniversary Party. I  had a good laugh over that one.

Here's the link:

Have you ever gotten unexpected or inadvertent publicity? Or maybe you can think of other ways to get it. Please share in the comment section.

Morgan Mandel


Anonymous said...

Yes, I received untoward UNWANTED publicity once from a journalist who did not ask me if it was OK to print my response. I am now very careful of what I say to journalists! The occurrences that were worthy of prominence in my life received no publicity or was tagged with a name other than mine. These experiences have led me to be careful of what I write and as it is said in medicine,'above all,do no harm.'

Marian Allen said...

I used to get a tremendous number of hits in big bunches, and found out it was from people searching for a Marian Allen who wrote a wonderful poem for her fiance who died in World War I, "The Wind on the Downs". Now, I'll admit I'm old, but I ain't THAT old!

I also got big lumps of hits from people looking for "An Essay About My Mother", and still have a few directed to my story of that name by "free essays online" sites, although I have fewer since I retitled the page, "Not Your Homework". I had to feel sorry for the searchers, since my "essay" is from the point of view of the daughter of Medusa....