Sunday, June 13, 2010

Busy Weekends

It's one of those weekends. Where there's something going on both Saturday and Sunday for at least part of the day. Next weekend is looking the same, as are many of our summer weekends.

For me, being busy on the weekend isn't a big deal since in the summer I don't work during the week. My husband hates busy weekends. I don't blame him really. He works all week, and then to have committments on the weekends, his "time off", I can imagine can be pretty annoying. No time to himself, no time to work on projects around the house, no time to relax.

So I can see his point of view, even if I don't share it.

As a writer it's important to be able to appreciate characters' POVs. In fact, it's what keeps the story interesting. At any given time I may need to be in my heroine's head, my hero's head, perhaps in the head of a secondary character, or even sometimes in the head of a villian. And they're all going to see things in a different way. React to things differently. Experience the story differently.

In fiction, those differing points of view add to the conflict and keep the tension notched up. Hmmmn? I guess they do that in real life, too!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



Terry Odell said...

So true -- you have to keep your own biases out, or all your characters will be the same.

Morgan Mandel said...

Sometimes it can be fun thinking totally different than you would normally, such as when I write from a male point of view.Doing so gives me more freedom of expression.

Morgan Mandel