Sunday, February 21, 2010

Voices in My Head

Now usually, if someone tells you they hear voices in their head, the first thing you do is recommend a good therapist. However, if you're a writer, those voices are a good thing.

When voices speak to me, I know I'm in the zone: the writing zone. These days, I hear voices all the time. My characters are with me everywhere I go. They speak to me. They tell me what needs to happen next. They're telling me how they're feeling.

Not only do I hear my characters, I've been seeing them a lot, too. In church this morning I saw a man pick up his little girl in a certain way, and I thought, That's how Chase would do that.

I have a small notebook with me at all times (in my purse, on my desk at work, on the nightstand next to the bed) just in case an idea pops into my head that I absolutely must right down that very minute. I have little sheets of yellow paper everywhere.

And all of this is a good thing, because (not to sound boastful) I am on a writing roll. I am just a little past page 100 in my current WIP, which means I'm just shy of about a third of the way there. And I actually know where I'm going with this one. In fact the happily ever after is written...I just have to drag my characters through a little more heartache, turmoil, and conflict to get them there.

So on that note, I think I'll sign off here and check in with Chase and Erika. I wonder where they'll take me today.

Until next time,

Happy Reading!


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Morgan Mandel said...

Good going, Debra. You're making me feel guilty. I'm going to get some more pages done myself.
It probably won't be long until I find out what to Chase and Erika, but first I need to know what happens to Dorrie, my main character!

Morgan Mandel