Monday, February 20, 2017

Sea Days by Margot Justes

A day at sea was next, and it was most welcome, I have a pedometer with me, and since my arrival in Rome, I have logged anywhere from 5 to 9 miles a day, that is a lot for my weary old bones. While at sea I go to the jogging deck-weather permitting, sometimes not-I walk 3 miles, and then another 1 to 2 just walking around the ship, and sometimes a stroll in the evening.

The food is rather tasty, and plentiful. They even had big, ripe fresh figs, along with passion fruit, two of my favorite fruits, and passion fruit is not yet readily available at home, however Costco carries decent fresh figs in the summer.

This sea day included rain in the early morning, then the sun came out, there was a gentle breeze, and calm waters, I couldn’t ask for more. Temperatures in the 60’s made it a perfect morning for a walk along the jogging track. Just me, surrounded by clear waters and few passengers, since it was an early morning. 

I start with a glass of water, coffee and a walk, followed by more coffee and a book, and then breakfast with of course more coffee. The sea days are not structured for me, I pick and choose what I’m going to do that day, and it almost always includes a bit of writing.

Life on board ship while at sea is filled with planned entertainment, games, lessons of all sorts, lectures, food is served everywhere you turn, and there are the pools and Jacuzzis, and gym, and of course shopping, and the casino is open for those who enjoy it. It is continuous entertainment, or peaceful contemplation-the choice is yours.

The library has a selection of the best sellers, and some classics, but the library is not quiet, on this ship it is a little cavern on an upper deck, but it is open to the Centrum below-the center-a large lively area, extravagantly decorated party center, where music and dancing takes place, cooking lessons and art auctions, to name just a few. It is a lively place.

I rarely spend any time in the library, since I bring my Kindle with me, and prefer the peace and quiet of the cabin-the veranda is perfectly suited to reading, and occasionally napping. Did I mention coffee is available continuously? It is

Happy travels, wherever they may take you.

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