Monday, July 4, 2016

Summer by Margot Justes

Happy July 4th!

I could not believe that it is July already, the year has practically disappeared-well, not really-but certainly half of it went within a blink of an eye. They say that time flies as you become older, I always used to chuckle when I heard that well worn phrase, I no longer laugh, for it is true.

May and June was spent with family and friends. A trip to Asheville, NC, and then Hilton Head in SC, the visit with friends provided a much appreciated release from daily routines.  

Asheville provided the Biltmore Estate, the largest, and most magnificent  private house in the country, still managed by the Vanderbilt descendents, all 255 rooms. The Biltmore Inn, a hotel on the estate provides an early morning coffee service in the lobby-easy access to morning coffee is crucial.

Cedric's Tavern, also on the estate, has an excellent Shepherd's Pie, one of my favorite dishes. The property maintains many gardens, a conservatory, where occasionally you may hear a concert, and they are well known for their wines-it is simply a serene and relaxing place to visit any time of the year. 

The center of Asheville is filled with artists, galleries, street musicians, many restaurants, and a long forgotten bohemian lifestyle-that is alive and flourishing in Asheville.  

Hilton Head Island is nestled among trees, it is lush, quiet and reserved, with golf opportunities it seemed on every corner, and only a 45 minute drive to Savannah, GA-the city teeming with history, grand squares, and verve. The day I was there was hot and humid, but the riverfront was filled with laughter, and good humor. Southern charm at its most effective.

After Hilton Head, and many walks along the shore, I went to Myrtle Beach, for more sand and ocean, but the primary reason was to see my grandson play baseball-he’s on a travelling team, and is quite the little slugger.

All the places beckon back, for the sheer escape from reality. It is almost like writing, you become caught up in the setting. There is nothing quite like a walk along the shore as the sun rises, or sets. All the cares seem to be swept away with the rushing tide.

One week in June was spent in Charlotte, to watch my granddaughter graduate from junior high school, and my grandson from grade school, many celebrations that included a boat ride on Lake Norman.

Now we’re into July, and in just three months Rome, and the cruises await. I still need to book a few excursions, chief among them a trip to Masada and the Dead Sea.

In the meantime I need to finish the novella-this one seems to be a never ending process. I have been asked to do a sequel to Blood Art, but not the characters I already started to work with, and that means another project has been added, but first there must by an end to the novella.  

Hope you have a safe and wonderful summer.

Margot  Justes
Blood Art
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Morgan Mandel said...

I need to stop and eat. That food picture looks too inviting!

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