Sunday, September 8, 2013


Yesterday I thought about starting to set up some blog spots to promote my upcoming release, The Vampire and the Vixen. It makes its world-wide debut on October 16. A new release is always exciting, but the trouble with this one is it's been out on Kindle since June and even had its run of five freebie days a couple of weeks ago, where it made it into the top 25 of Contemporary Romance freebies and almost into the top 50 overall. I can't wait to see how many copies were actually downloaded during that time. It also garnered a whole bunch of new reviews, all of them quite complimentary.

To be setting up a blog tour to promote its release, seems kind of 'been there done that'. I think if it were a paperback book, having a 'second' release would be more exciting. But it's a short novella, so it's only available in e-format. True, it will be around in a lot more markets (TWRP, Nook, etc) in addition to Kindle, but Amazon really seems to be the biggie.

So, I have to figure out how to make it fresh and new, not only for me, but for my readers as well. I think my focus will need to be on promoting it as a Halloween story.

I'm sure something will come to me, right?

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



Morgan Mandel said...

The Halloween market sounds like a great idea!

Morgan Mandel

Debra St. John said...

Yep, that's the way I'm going. I've joined one on-line Halloween party already and hope to snag another one soon. Just waiting for a return e-mail!

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