Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Books

Since Thanksgiving is over and we can now officially get into the Christmas Spirit, I thought we could get some choices here on books featuring the Christmas Holiday Season in a big way, or mentioning Christmas somewhere inside.

I'll soon be re-releasing for 99 cents in Kindle and Smashwords my debut mystery, Two Wrongs, which has some vital action taking place around the holiday tradition of visiting the Big Tree in the Walnut Room of what used to be Marshall Field's and is now called Macy's. I'll let you know when the book is out again, but here's the cover, which doesn't look too Christmasy.

Now, what does everyone else have?

Morgan Mandel


SBJones said...

I am putting the final polish on my second steampunk novel, set to be released in e-book form on Dec 15. Paperback will follow as soon as the proof from Lightning Source arrives and I verify everything is good.

How many words is your mystery? What were your reasons for the 99c price tag. And lastly, what plan do you have for marketing and promoting it?

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Morgan Mandel said...

Two Wrongs was around 75,000 words, originally 212 pages in the print version, trade paperback form,as shown on Amazon in it original printed form. That is a version purchased by a vendor, since I have my rights back and am re-releasing my official print version when I get a chance.

One reason I'm pricing it at 99 cents is because it was previously published in 2006. Also, because lots of people can't afford to pay much these days.

My almost ready new release, Forever Young:Blessing or Curse, will be at $2.99, since it's new.

As for promotion, I could write a book on that. You need to blog, be on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, do a blog book tour, have a website, send for reviews. If it's in print, get bookmarks, do a book launch party. That's just for starters.

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