Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time's Ticking! by DL Larson

With so many demands on each of us, it becomes challenging to find the time to write. I carve out snippets of time by using the timer on my stove. I gather whatever I will be working on for the time alloted, set the timer, usually for 90 minutes and begin.

Over time, I realized if I want to have time to write, I need to make it a priority. So when the timer is ticking, I don't search the net, I don't answer the phone, I ignore folks hollering my name - unless it sounds/smells as if the house is on fire. (so far that has never been the case!) I don't go change the laundry from the washer to the dryer. I write! I edit. I research. I do writer stuff only.

With this simple concept I discovered several things:
1. I have made writing a priority worth pursuing by making time for it.
2. My actions make others realize how important writing is to me.
3. When I take my writing seriously, others do the same.
4. I actually make progress when I have a good chunk of time to think and write.
5. Progress encourages me to make bigger strides to complete my goal.
6. Reaching my goal seems possible, then attainable, then inevitable!
7. And oh, how I like the sound of that!

Sometimes the biggest hurdle we face as writers, is creating the time to work on our project. I know we have discussed this before at Acme Authors, but each of us struggle with this and it has become an everyday challenge to keep writing.

Please take a moment to share how you find the time to write and create. Are you a morning writer? A train writer? Perhaps you burn the midnight electricity to write. What keeps you in the chair?

Til next time ~

DL Larson


Debra St. John said...

Yikes, I haven't been a very productive writer at all lately. I haven't touched my WIP in ages.

But, now that it's summer vacation, I plan on many, many hours and days ahead with my laptop planted firmly in front of me. I purposely don't have internet on my laptop so when I'm on it, the only thing I can be doing is writing.

My problem is too much time on the computer doing other things: I've been on my regular PC for almost a half hour now, and all I've done is check e-mail and respond to some blog posts.

Bob Sanchez said...

Sadly, I'm a scattershot kind of guy, jumping from this to that: from writing to emailing to doing chores to writing to reading to get the idea. The most productive I've ever been as a writer was when I worked full time and simply had to schedule time to write, or it wouldn't get done.

I admire your discipline, Deb.

Deb Larson said...

Deb - I hear you - last year was too many things taking me away from writing - so I've gotten back to my old basic routine - a goal anyway!
Bob - I tend to do the same. But if I time myself - it feels like a pop quiz and I'm forced to be productive! Now, if I could just do it more than a couple times a week, I'd be happy.
Thanks for sharing!

SBJones said...

I'm finding that I have to set a schedule for the marketing and promoting end of my writing. I can get very caught up into the marketing, that a full day can go by that nothing else gets done. This has the consequence of eating into the time available for writing.

It takes a lot of self discipline to manage the time correctly so that it doesn't get wasted.

@Ruby_Barnes said...

I was a train writer for 4 years until I recently changed job location to my home town. Then I became an early morning writer. I managed that, more or less, for about six weeks until viral 'flu struck. It's about time to shake off the headaches and get back to it. For some reason I've been waking at dawn for the last week and the plot is smouldering in my brain. Maybe that's what the ache is!

Emily R. King said...

Priority! Oh, how I loathe the word! Thanks for reminding me how to make writing a priority. I especially agree with numbers 3 and 6!

Deb Larson said...

SBJones - marketing is my Achillies' heel! I can work and research editors/publishers all day and still not make a decision on what to do! I need practice on that! Thanks for reminding me to stay connected!

Ruby - a smouldering plot is a BIG clue to get back to writing :) Good luck and maybe the headaches will go away.

Emily - I so glad you agree with 3 & 6! They are so important to us as writers.

Thanks for stopping by today!