Monday, May 3, 2010

When Life Gets In The Way….

Here is my current status:

Work Conference – done
Spring Fling – done
One daughter’s confirmation – done
Another daughter’s communion – done
(All in the month of April!)

And now, softball season starts.

For those of you who don’t know, I have three daughters.
They all play softball.
They are in three separate leagues.
My husband coaches them all.
So, life gets in the way.

But we keep on going and hope that we get that few minutes of peace to write a quick blog, read a few pages of a book, write a few lines of the unfinished manuscript you wish you could just get done, but life gets in the way.

It’s crazy, time consuming and ever changing…and I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world. If you don’t hear from me every now and then just know, life got in the way, but I will be back!



Debra St. John said...


Congrats on getting all of those things checked off of your list.

Yep, life sure is one wild ride.


Morgan Mandel said...

Life doesn't get in the way. We do things in order of importance. You have your priorities right. You'll never get another chance to enjoy special times with your family. That's more important than anything in the world.

Morgan Mandel

DL Larson said...

Yep, family first is a biggie for me too! I kept saying when the kids are grown - now, it's "but the grandkids want us to join them ..."
I will never regret keeping my priorities straight! Way to go, June!!
DL Larson

Rebecca said...

I think it's because of life getting in the way that we become better writers. That saying write what you know only happens when life gets in the way.