Monday, April 6, 2009

Contests, contests, contests!

I had one! I won one! I’m participating in one now and next month I’m going to try to have another! Contest that is.

Last month we had our YA Web tour. It was really fun and each of us gave away something. It was really neat to watch the readers follow from web page to web page and some left some really nice comments.

Last week I found out I won a contest over at Candice Hern’s website. I won a fabulous tote bag full of autographed romance books. I am anxiously awaiting the delivery because my stack of ‘to be read’ books is starting to dwindle a little bit and we can’t have that!

This month I donated a copy of Ordinary Me to The wonderful genius Jennifer Wardrip has a contest every month for YA readers and this month my book is among the prizes. Hooray!

I’m enjoying the whole contest thing so much; I just might have another next month. So, be sure to check back and see what’s new on my website—I promise to keep you all posted.

In the meantime, Happy Monday!



Deborah Talmadge said...

I agree with you, contests are fun. Winning books is a really nice way to find new authors. I'll be anxiously watching.

Anonymous said...

Love contests. Have another.

Happy Mother's Day to you also!!


Anonymous said...

I like contests also. I've only won
one thing in my life. Maybe I'll try your's if you have another.
I like reading and you've helped my interest in books build. Thank you.. Happy Mother's Day to you also.....
Bruno's sister

Morgan Mandel said...

You hit a bonanza. A whole tote bag full of books!
Morgan Mandel